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Low Income Housing In Baltimore, Maryland

Baltiimore Low Income HousingAlthough Baltimore's median home selling price of $234,700 is above the national average of $188,800, the city does offer many affordable and low income housing options.  Baltimore currently has 12,000 families who benefit from the Housing Choice Voucher program (HUD Section 8 Housing) from federal funds that help low-income families, elderly and the disabled to find affordable housing.

The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) provides federally-funded public housing programs for low-income families and includes 28 family developments, 17 mixed population buildings, two senior buildings and other developments.  Some of Baltimore's home buying assistance programs include $5,000 in deferred loans to purchase HABC-owned property under the Buying Into Baltimore incentive program, Community Development Block grants offering $5,000 deferred loans to purchase vacant rehab homes, and the Live Near Your Work program that matches employer funds for a total of up to $6,000 to buyers who purchase vacant property within employer-located boundaries.

Other incentives for buyers to purchase vacant property includes the Vacants to Value Booster program paying $10,000 in downpayment and closing costs, and the Good Neighbors Program with a $5,000 deferred loan that does not require repayment if the owner occupies and keeps the property five years.

For more details on Baltimore's low income housing and home buying incentives, contact information and how to apply, go to Baltimore's official Housing web site at www.baltimorehousing.org

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