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Low Income Housing In Dallas, Texas

Dallas Low Income HousingThe median sales price of single-family homes in Dallas has risen 12.5% in the past year to $151,500 but still below the national median price of $188,800.  But with more than 20% of the City's population of 1,246,185 living below the poverty level, Dallas has created many affordable housing programs to meet the needs of low-income residents. 

The Housing Authority of the City of Dallas (DHA) provides rental assistance through conventional public housing to low income to moderate-income families.  This is made possible through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 Housing which only requires residents to pay 40% of their income toward rent.

More than 16,000 low income, elderly and disabled people in Dallas benefit from this program.  Families with annual income of $17,000 who want to buy a home can get assistance for closing costs through a grant from the Resident Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (ROSS) program.  They are required to complete a homebuyer's HUD certified education class where they also receive credit counseling. 

Dallas received a $20 million HUD grant to demolish and rebuild housing developments in southeast Dallas, and a $35 million HUD grant to replace outdated homes built in 1942 with contemporary housing. The Dallas Housing Authority has also partnered with Habitat For Humanity and other organizations to provide over 300 single-family affordable homes priced in the $60's and $80's.  With special financing available for these homes, Dallas has addressed a need for affordable housing for moderate-income families. 

More information on affordable housing and low income housing in the City of Dallas is available at www.dhadal.com.

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