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Low Income Housing In Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Low Income HousingAs the second largest city in the U.S., Los Angeles has a number of resources available to low-income residents seeking affordable housing.  An affordable and low income housing roster can be found on the Los Angeles Housing Department website at http://lahd.lacity.org - where interested residents can search by neighborhood or zip code.  On this site, there is also a downloadable brochure entitled "A Guide to Affordable Rental Housing in the City of Los Angeles" which describes all the types of affordable housing offered by the city, including websites and contact information on agencies that finance affordable housing, public housing agencies, and online applications. 

Information on the Low Income Purchase Assistance Program (LIPA) and the Moderate Income Purchase Assistance Program (MIPA) for low-income first-time homebuyers is also available on this website.  Under the LIPA program, families whose income is within the maximum guidelines can receive up to $60,000 to cover downpayment, closing costs and even part of the purchase price.  An example of maximum income guidelines is a family of two whose household income does not exceed $53,000.

Home buying assistance for those with moderate incomes falls into two categories:  incomes between 80%-120% of area median income can qualify for financial assistance up to $75,000, and incomes between 121%-150% of area median income can qualify for up to $50,000 financial assistance.  With the average home sales price in LA at almost $300,000, these programs offer low- and moderate-income families an opportunity they might otherwise not have to purchase a home.

Information on affordable housing and low income is available on the Los Angeles Housing Department website or at www.lacity.org.

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